• On Tuesday, May 2, 2023, voters in the Hartland Consolidated School District will be asked to renew and restore the full 18 mills on non-homestead properties for its operating budget through 2028. This millage has been in existence since Proposal A went into effect in 1994 and was last approved by voters in 2018. For residential homestead property owners, this millage will cost nothing other than time to vote.
Important Facts:
  • This proposal has no impact on residential or most agricultural property
  • This is a renewal and restoration of the current 18 mills that voters last approved in May 2018
  • This is NOT a new tax.  It is an existing levy on commercial, business, and rental properties within our district.
  • Generates approximately $5.5M annually for district operations
  • Funds cannot be replaced by other sources

In March 1994, Michigan voters approved Proposal A, which completely changed how Michigan public schools were funded. Proposal A shifted the primary source of school funding from local property taxes to state sales taxes, and as a result, significantly reduced property tax rates for homeowners. For example, the Hartland Consolidated Schools operating millage on homestead properties was 37 mills prior to Proposal A. After Proposal A, the operating millage was reduced to 6 mills, and remains at that amount to this day. The 6 mills levied on homestead properties is sent directly to Lansing, and is combined with other taxes such as sales tax, income tax, liquor/tobacco tax, and lottery revenues to make up the State School Aid Fund. The School Aid Fund then provides school districts with a “foundation allowance,” which is currently $9,150 per pupil in 2022/23. However, the state assumes districts will collect 18 mills on non-homestead properties locally and deducts this amount from the foundation allowance provided. In order to collect the 18 mills on non-homestead properties, state statute requires a district-wide election to approve the millage. Should voters not approve this levy, the district is not made whole.

For Questions:
 Contact Chuck Hughes, Superintendent, or Rachel Bois, Chief Financial Officer, at 810-626-2100 or visit the HCS website.