January 13, 2023–

The Michigan Department of Education has released school grades for the 2021-2022 school year and Hartland Consolidated Schools has six schools with the grade of A and a designation of a Reward School. Two of HCS schools received a grade of B. Each year MDE ranks schools academically based on student proficiency. Schools in the top 5% of the Top-to-Bottom ranking are Reward Schools. 

Hartland Superintendent, Chuck Hughes, was excited to share that Hartland schools continue to receive stellar grades. Hughes also said in his weekly update to parents, “We should be proud of the work being done in the district to ensure that our students are performing above state expectations. I am so proud of our entire staff for all that they do to care for and teach the children of this community. We are currently prioritizing intervention to address learning loss over the past few years.”

Grades for Proficiency:
Creekside Elementary A and Reward School
Lakes Elementary A and Reward School
Round Elementary A and Reward School
Village Elementary B
Farms Intermediate A and Reward School
Middle School A and Reward School
Hartland High School A and Reward School
Hartland Virtual Academy B
LEGACY Compliant and Met Academic Progress (MDE changed how it handles Alternative High School grading to these two highest ratings.)

The Michigan State Legislature enacted Public Act 601 of 2018 to create an A-F grading system as a measure of school performance. As with all accountability systems, it is helpful to view multiple measures.