November 3, 2022–

Hartland Consolidated Schools students as a group are testing above the average levels in the state and county on the English Language Arts component of the M-STEP, or the Michigan Student Test of Educational Progress. Hartland students also scored higher than the county average with 70% of third graders, or 254 of 363, reaching advanced or proficient. The statewide rate is 42% of students scoring advanced or proficient.

According to Hartland Superintendent, Chuck Hughes, HCS outperforms county and state averages in almost every testing category regularly (math, science, ELA, and social studies, including PSAT and SAT). Hughes also said in his weekly update to parents, “The staff works tirelessly to help students overcome learning deficiencies while utilizing a continuum of data points to determine intervention strategies that promote student growth.”

In the English language arts section of the M-STEP, students read short passages and answer questions based on the passage to gauge reading comprehension. There is also a section in which students complete writing prompts based on passages or essay questions. This fall’s reporting, from testing in the spring of 2022, shows that Hartland students are not suffering from pandemic-related learning loss, unlike many other students in Michigan and across the country.