September 8, 2023 –

We Need Your Help!

There are six amazing nominees for Volunteer of the Year, and now we need your vote! Public voting takes place September 8 – 22, 2023.
Due to a quick turnaround, we are still working on publishing full bios on each candidate. One nominee will be highlighted each day on the Hartland Living Facebook page beginning Monday, September 11. Read about each one and cast your vote carefully, as only one vote per voter is allowed. Voting is not anonymous (your email address verifies your one vote).

The winner of the Hartland Living Volunteer of the Year award is decided by equal votes from Hartland’s Partners in Progress (Hartland Area Chamber of Commerce; Hartland Consolidated Schools; Cromaine District Library; Hartland Township), and from the public voting ONLINE.

The Hartland Living Volunteer of the Year is an initiative of Hartland’s Partners in Progress, a joint venture between Hartland Consolidated Schools, Cromaine District Library, Hartland Area Chamber of Commerce and Hartland Township.