March 22, 2024—

The 2024 State Career Development Conference (SCDC) was March 14-16 in downtown Detroit and it was a big weekend for Hartland Advanced Marketing Students. Several Hartland High School DECA members are now heading to California in April for the International Career Development Conference. Hartland DECA is a student organization that prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in high schools and colleges around the globe.

With over 4,200 members and advisors in attendance, HHS students focused on improving their leadership and professional skills competing to earn
DECA glass (trophy) and to qualify to represent Michigan at the 2024 International Career Development Conference.

International Qualifiers—
Business Services Marketing = Jaxon DeLabarre
International Business Plan = Evan Ringle, Joey Rodriguez, Jack Losert
Franchise Business Plan = Ally Brucato, Mackenzie Jordan, Jayna Kennel, Menka Stojcevski, Morgan Wehner,
Abby Russell, Ashley Terrell
Business Services Operations Research = Paityn DeWolf, Lilly Davidson, Piper Hughes
Buying and Merchandising Operations Research = Lenny Brucato, Ben Clay, Emily Jacobs
Hospitality and Tourism Operations Research = Jaxon Fredette, Evan Green
School Based Enterprise = Andrew Cooke, Hayden Millen
Professional Selling = Calum McEwan
State Finalists = Will Darish, Nick Gentile, Kyle McDaniel, Kate McIntyre, Brock Morris, Nathan Paquette,
Eddie Sieczkowski

A special congratulations to Emily Jacob on being elected as Vice President of Career Development for the Michigan DECA State Officer Team for 2024-25!