May 17, 2023–

The Hartland Archery Program traveled to Louisville the weekend of May 13, 2023 and competed in the National Tournament with over 18,000 archers and over 750 teams from across the nation. Some of the Hartland archers shot in multiple events, such as NASP Bullseye, NASP IBO/3D, Centershot Bullseye, Centershot IBO/3D. Two middle school archers, Jayden Boshaw and Quinn Kruszka were named NASP Middle School Division Academic All-American Archers for their excellence not only on the range, but for their proficiency in the classroom. Congratulations to all of the archers that competed at Nationals! NASP is National Archery in the Schools and results are below.
High School Team
11th out of 148 teams in NASP 3D/IBO
27th out of 253 teams in NASP Bullseye
4th place in Centershot Bullseye (podium finish)
8th in Centershot 3D/IBO
Middle School Team
3rd place overall out of 240 teams in NASP Bullseye (podium finish)
– Quinn Kruszka:  5th place out of 2767 Middle school boys in NASP Bullseye (podium finish)
5th place out of 156 teams in NASP IBO/3D
– Addy Mach:  5th place out of 1161 Middle school girls in NASP IBO/3D (podium finish)
1st Place overall in Centershot IBO/3D (podium finish)
2nd place overall in Centershot Bullseye (podium finish)
Elementary Team
35th place overall out of 190 teams in NASP IBO/3D
74th place overall out of 190 teams in NASP Bullseye
ES had only a few shoot Centershot: 3 archers shoot 3D in the Centershot tournament and 4 shoot Bullseye