January 24, 2023 –

Congratulations to Hartland High School Computer Programming teacher Anne Hasseld on being named the 2023 MI ACTE (Michigan Association of Career and Technical Education) Teacher of the Year! Mrs. Hasseld was recognized for creating an environment for her students that is not only engaging, but innovative with authentic application in computer science. She provides opportunities for her students to demonstrate what they know in a variety of projects and or competitions to stretch their skills and interests. To read more about the work she does with HHS students, and the impressive statistics of her students, click the Read More Here button below.

This award recognizes the finest career and technical teachers at the middle/secondary school level who have demonstrated innovation in the classroom, commitment to their students and dedication to the improvement of CTE in their institutions and communities. To qualify, all candidates must be employed as classroom/laboratory CTE teachers at the middle/secondary school level and have at least 5 years of teaching experience at the time of initial nomination.