October 4, 2021 –

Congratulations to Don Thompson, Hartland Living’s 2021 Volunteer of the Year! Other nominees included Bob Brewer, Dan Callan, Joan Hutchinson, Annette Moorman, and Joe Petrucci. The winner was announced at the State of the Community Address at the Hartland Music Hall on Monday, October 4.

Don Thompson has served as the caretaker of the Hartland Music Hall for the past 35 years and on the Board of Trustees for Cromaine Library for 26 years. This pillar of our community takes pride in the work he puts into his many volunteer hours and serves with purpose. Our beloved Music Hall is a testament to this service. When visitors enter the hall, they can see it has been cared for and prioritized as a community relic for many years. This drives Thompson as he works tirelessly and generously.

“It has been meaningful for me to try to give back to society for the wonderful life I have been fortunate to have,” says Thompson. “Volunteering is something you do because you know others are going to benefit and it’s a great feeling of accomplishment. I get a warm feeling knowing I have been involved in keeping the Library growing and the Music Hall a beautiful place to come to for a wedding, play, concert, or church services.”

The Hartland Living Volunteer of the Year is an initiative of Hartland’s Partners in Progress, a joint venture between Hartland Consolidated Schools, Cromaine District Library, Hartland Area Chamber of Commerce and Hartland Township.